Video Editor/ Production Assistant

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Recreation is a full service design and brand strategy agency located in the East Cut neighborhood of San Francisco. We are looking for a junior to mid-level Video Editor / Production Assistant to join our growing production department. You will work with talented creatives and strategists across multiple disciplines (digital, print, social, environmental, and experiential) to develop engaging creative communications.

We’re looking for someone who has proven they can edit a story no matter the subject matter. Someone who can create a shot where there is no shot. Create an emotional connection between the subject and the viewer. Someone who understands shot composition, selection and editorial flow, and can create professional, finished video across a variety of styles, whether it's a skateboard video or a corporate documentary.

  • Extensive knowledge of compression, codecs, and digital film formats.
  • Solution focused with the ability to find creative solutions while maintaining focus on storytelling, pacing and cinematic flow.
  • Must have a passport, a love for travel, and be professional, pleasant to travel with.
  • Must be comfortable with and able to quickly put an edit together in Adobe Premiere.
  • Basic color correction skills required. Design, motion graphics. compositing and any other production related skills are a huge plus.
  • Film school not required, but looking for experience editing short documentary or commercial pieces.
  • Agency or independent content creation experience a plus.
  • Working knowledge of professional camera equipment as well as studio and on-site production experience, with hands-on PA experience a plus.
  • Must be able to work to deadlines and budget time effectively.

Send CV and reel of work that you have personally edited, preferably under your own direction.

This is a full-time position and we offer full benefits, a work environment without a lot of layers or politics, and a chance to learn, grow and make a difference for both our clients and the agency.

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