Partner Story: Nevro

Personalized Relief

Nevro is a medical device company that uses a neuromodulation platform to treat chronic pain. High frequency spinal cord stimulation poses an alternative to opiates and other forms of pain management that can either be ineffective or limit day-to-day functioning.


We started by establishing the reality that chronic pain comes in countless forms and impacts people’s lives in different ways. There is no “one size fits all” approach when it comes to the nuances of effective pain management. From there, the solution and selling point emerged: Nevro recognizes the uniqueness of people’s pain, and therefore finds ways to treat it with individualized therapy.

Conceptual Exploration

We came up with a handful of concepts that impactfully expressed Nevro’s mission and capabilities. Some of them focused more on the day-to-day possibilities pain relief provides, while others focused more directly on the pain relief itself. The strongest concept shows a mosaic of different faces, coming together as one to convey how pain “has many faces.” With Nevro, so does relief.


The expressive image of unique faces coming together as one serves as the token campaign element. From there, we use a simple and declarative headline that explains the image without being overly explanatory, and speaks to the hope Nevro’s therapies provide. Our tagline “Personalized relief” further drives home the message that not only can Nevro provide relief, but they can personalize that relief.

Tradeshow Motion Graphics

Walking the exhibit floor at a tradeshow can be an overwhelming experience, with every brand attempting to capture attention in a matter of seconds. When designing a motion graphics experience for the North American Neuromodulation Society we had this in mind. Using emoji’s to update the well-known Visual Analogue Scale (VAS) for pain measurement, we developed a series of brand and product messages using this expressive visual language. Creating a series of motion graphic animations that were as visually unique as they were impactful.