Our Work


Janbala is not your average travel website. Because millennials are not your average traveller. They prefer to create memory-making moments and discover unique experiences rather than taking the expected path, or an off-the-shelf package.

Services Provided:
Brand, Digital, Video, Social

The brand experience was captured on the homepage with full-bleed video from the perspective of the traveler experiencing their Janbala Moment conveyed a unique approach to travel very different from Janbala’s transaction-focused competitors.

We focused the brand around “Janbala Moments.” Those times when you immediately realize you’re creating a life-long memory by discovering something about yourself, making a connection with a new-found friend or just truly letting go, and letting where you are change who you are.

C Todd Ransick
President + Chief Creative

Branded elements were created to illustrate the various key focus areas of Janbala. From Partnering with 5013c firms around the world, allowing travelers to experience new cultures while doing some good, to Inspiration, designed to spark wanderlust and Janbala Wisdom which helps travelers be a little more local by understanding the unique customs and traditions of a culture.

As a vast majority of traffic to travel websites is via mobile devices, a mobile and tablet version of the site was also built, extending the brand experience to our worldly audience no matter where they were.

A brand manifesto video was created to introduce Janbala to the world and our unique perspective on why people travel, how it impacts them, and how they can positively impact the world. Along with outdoor and out-of-home advertising to catch our audience where they’re exploring their own city.

Social advertising and activation campaigns were executed to bring the voice of the audience to life while engaging with the new brand and how we see travel.