About Us
We believe in the power of yes.

At Recreation, your first meeting is with the people who will work with you directly throughout the project. We believe that experienced people can help you make a true impact.

In 2009, Recreation founder Todd Ransick was in Idaho filming a short film on a unique and disruptive Silicon Valley medical device startup. Over the next four years, everything that was the status quo of how medical technology and life sciences brand stories were told was completely rethought and a new approach was born. An approach that today has become the bar in which all MedTech and Life Sciences brands are measured. In 2013, the approach materialized as a new agency called Recreation that began partnering with some of the most innovative and respected brands in the world.

Since then, we’ve maintained the philosophy that partnership is at the core of success. We actively listen to each and every idea, concern, and nuance, because we understand that every brand has a unique story to tell.

What higher stakes exist than those that impact our health? The innovation that’s taking place with medical and health technology is nothing short of revolutionary. At Recreation, we know there is an opportunity to express these brands in a way that matches their own innovative ideas. Our depth of experience helps us build brands that differentiate themselves, and really explore what these life-changing innovations can do for people. We know there is an amazing story just waiting to be told. Explore some of our medical technology clients to see how we've elevated their story.

“The Recreation team brings a very unique mix of startup speed and marketing acumen. They understand how to partner in creating a vision, and deliver great creative and strategy to bring that vision to life. Plus they have a scrappy, flexible, and fun work style. It has made for a fantastic partnership.”

Dave Herrmann
SVP Marketing Verb Surgical

Video storytelling is central to our philosophy of building brands. From the pride our clients take in seeing their impact in the world, to the way they respond to a heart-felt story of how their customers lives have changed for the better. This is the value of telling a brand story through video. To us, it’s not just the technology that makes the most impact, it’s finding the story, then drawing out the emotion and authenticity from the people most affected by the brand.

Our team of designers, strategists, and producers has helped our partners create true impact by making brands for people. Through our informed expertise, strategic problem-solving, and passion for our craft, we create distinctive brands that truly elevate our partners to industry leaders.

The Recreation team blends the experienced veteran talent with youthful perspectives to provide our partners with unique creative explorations. Our leadership team has been working together for more than a decade to help develop brands and inspire our partners.

“There’s really only 3 steps to creating great brands: listen, embody, repeat.”

Scott Burke
Managing Director