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As the pioneer and global leader in Focused Ultrasound, Insightec’s mission to help transform lives by delivering the therapeutic power of acoustic energy.

Services Provided:
Brand, Video, Digital

Over the past 20+ years, Insightec has advanced leaps and bounds with their technology and application to help transform more lives in more ways than ever before. Recreation helped evolve their brand to show them as innovators in the field of Incisionless Focused Ultrasound.

This rebrand shifts the focus from a technology story to a much more human perspective. In that story, we focus on the transformations that matter most – people reclaiming their lives, and giving them new hope.

Focused Ultrasound

“Recreation has been my go-to partner for years. Whether my budget is bootstrapped start-up or multi-national, the experience and quality is second to none. I trust and count on them as an extension of my internal team.

Creative and Strategy are where they wow you, however, it’s the personal touch and execution that has kept me coming back.”

JJ Desai
Insightec, J&J, Avinger

Seeing a problem can elicit feelings of sympathy. But you truly need to experience to feel empathy. Neurologists are aware of the hardships their patients with Essential Tremor (ET) face. But to get them to empathize we needed to simulate the sensory experience of living with ET.

Insightec tasked us with creating a trade-show installation that would drive engagement and signups from referring Neurologists. We knew this meant the experience needed to be understood quickly, engaging and easy-to-use. We conceived the idea of having physicians better appreciate the symptoms of their patients through an interactive touchscreen experience.

Introducing Insightec’s premier Medical Advisory Board, an assembly of the world’s most innovative minds in medicine. A unique opportunity for physicians and Insightec experts to collaborate and exchange valuable insights and learn more about focused ultrasound technologies. Working together to advance and expand the potential of incisionless therapies across a range of challenging diseases.

Recreation organized multiple engagement sessions, both in-person and remote. In-person sessions were branded with consistent materials to elevate the quality of the experience. Assets and resources for remote sessions included custom microsites and Zoom experiences to provide as rich an experience as we provided for in-person sessions.

Recreation developed the identity for Insightec’s National Sales Meeting in Miami. The goal was to capture the future opportunities, but also be grounded in what makes Insightec a leader in the field of Focused Ultrasound

The platform was centered on defining the future. Be it the next breakthrough, the next indication, the next new installation – this team is prepared to lead. Together, by building on strengths and focusing on opportunities, Insightec was well served to start next-level success right here, right now.