Partner Story: Clorox

Where Clean Means Everything

Clorox needed to create a brand campaign to launch their new CloroxPro brand. Previously known as the Professional Products Division, CloroxPro’s Public Health mission goes far beyond keeping surfaces clean, to focus on the places “where clean means everything.”

Where We Started

We needed to broaden the public’s perception of Clorox’s capabilities. When people think of Clorox, they think of cleaning surfaces in their homes and killing germs with its tried and true disinfecting properties. There are more places than just kitchen counters and bathroom tile to kill germs, though. That’s where we came in. We were tasked with helping Clorox promote use in Public Health settings — the places “where clean means everything.”

The Strategy

Our strategy was rooted in raising awareness of CloroxPro’s Public Health mission. We had to show people the various environments where germs tend to run rampant, and drive them to the Clorox website to learn more. We split our target into two audiences: “Janitorial / Sanitation Managers” and “Infection Preventionists, and ER Techs.” The goal was to hit our targets with messaging and imagery that would speak to them respectively, but both under the cleverly subjective umbrella of “where clean means everything.”

“Recreation provided us an iconic visual construct to unify our marketing communications across our Healthcare and Commercial Cleaning businesses maximizing our impact, and contributing to our market-leading aided awareness of 95%.”
Lynda Lurie
Director of Marketing - Clorox Professional Products Company
Conceptual Exploration

Throughout concept exploration, we focused on clear, declarative headlines to make an immediate impact. Visually, we explored environments where the spread of germs is most common — classrooms, airplanes, and hospitals — and used them as a backdrop for our statements.

Clean Means Everything

The concept we settled on delivered a synergy of relatable environmental backdrops and bold, impactful single-word headlines to convey the power CloroxPro offers within those environments. The use of medical professionals and janitorial staff enhances Clorox’s credibility, along with arresting messaging such as “every second counts” and “clean spaces can help save lives.”

Brand Manifesto Video

To successfully launch the new brand and establish the Public Health mission we created a brand manifesto video. Using Public Health professionals, we showed Clorox products at work in the places where germ prevention matters most.


We used digital banners to target audiences anytime, anywhere, and print to further educate about CloroxPro’s capabilities. Words like “Defend” and “Protect” convey our message quickly and effectively. With the CTA “learn more,” we drive viewers to the Clorox site to learn about the various products and their uses.