Our Work


We initially started working with CLJI, the organization behind Viblok in 2014. They had developed what they described as a lotion to prevent the skin-to-skin transmission of STI’s. Because after intimate grooming, tiny nicks, cuts and tears in the skin occur, which compromise the skin natural defense barrier –– making you more highly susceptible to infection.

Services Provided:
Brand, Digital, Social

Our strategy started by researching the audience most likely to be in the market for a product like Viblok: young, single women who are particularly interested in maintaining personal hygiene and sexual health. While Viblok is useful for people of all ages, relationship types, and grooming styles, we wanted to hit our target hardest — but in a way that was still approachable for everyone. 

Our challenge was three fold. We needed to establish the brand, let our audience know that their grooming routine could be placing them at risk, and provide an engaging way to get the word out.

“Recreation has helped us go from the dining room table to reaching customers in 23 different countries and 49 states.”
Ty Cross
President & CEO, CLJI Worldwide LLC

After establishing our strategy, we explored different conceptual approaches. In the end, we found ways to implement nearly all of them in unique ways to engage our audience from all angles.

Among the different concepts we explored, we never strayed from our strategy: relate to our audience with confidence-evoking, sex-positive messaging and branding that gets them in a comfortable and lighthearted place. From logo, to typeface, to copy, we branded Viblok from the ground up. Seemingly small touches like the prominent “O” in the logo and irreverent messaging are what differentiate Viblok from other cosmetics.

“We have faced many obstacles along the way, and with Recreation we have been able to effectively pivot wherever we had to when obstacles were thrown in front of us.  The team has always been able to respond to our unique needs quickly and with unparalleled professionalism. 

Ty Cross
President & CEO, CLJI Worldwide LLC

Keeping with our black, pink, and white color pallet, we designed packaging to be instantly recognizable as Viblok, and only Viblok. Further, we wanted to add special touches that customers would notice and appreciate. The patterns on the box are textured, and our “Be Smart, Be Smooth, Be Sexy” tagline sits prominently on the side of the box. In addition to our standard bottles, we developed travel-size sachets with equally unique touches.

The Web is where brand meets functionality. The UI of the Viblok site lets users navigate seamlessly through manifesto, shopping cart, FAQ, and usage — with brand personality and tone distributed throughout. The site led to sales the first day it launched, increasingly steadily with the addition of our other brand and advertising strategies.

Beyond our look & feel and tone of voice, we wanted another way to relate to our audience. Well-known artist Robin Eisenberg’s clever and culturally relevant work is totally in line with our demographic and the voice we established for Viblok. After commissioning her to create a series of illustrations of women using Viblok in their daily lives, we paired them with fun speech bubbles that tell short, comic-style stories. 

As the campaign launched, Robin posted the illustrations on her personal page and received 13,296 likes. Additionally, the ads have resulted in 96% website visits and 91% profile visits. After adding the illustration to Viblok’s Instagram Story, we saw another 100+ impressions.

Viblok does provide the cosmetic benefits we speak to in digital and campaign work, but it also has some more clinical properties. The nicks and tears caused by intimate grooming leave women more susceptible to infection — a fact many women are unaware of — and Viblok’s sealing properties have the potential to mitigate some of this risk.

By creating a content hub with organic, informational articles that women would naturally stumble across online, we were able to inform women of both the risk and remedy. The eye-catching photographs of women in shock help grab the attention of our audience so they’ll read further. A “Shop Now” CTA leads readers directly to the Viblok site for purchase.

Social is where we really get to flex Viblok’s personality. Since our target audience is constantly on Instagram, it’s the perfect place to grab their attention. With a range of product and lifestyle photography, branded “fun facts,”and inspirational quotes, we are able to both educate and amuse followers. We use captions to further inform and drive to the Viblok website.