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Acelis Connected Health

Acelis Connected Health is the new name for Alere Home Monitoring following their acquisition by Abbott. Across multiple disease states what they enabled was for the people under their care to regain their lives through the freedom of managed healthcare and remote patient monitoring.

Services Provided:
Brand, Digital, Video

If a patient is in a doctors office, a clinic waiting room, or a hospital bed: what do we call the people who have their health managed remotely with Acelis Connected Health? Definitely not patients, that’s for certain. These people were able to regain their freedom, unburdened from daily in-office testing, all the while knowing their health was being managed by their physician remotely. We originally referred to them as un-patients. A stop-gap strategic solution begging for a much more creative interpretation.

The close-cropped images of people living their lives to the fullest are as integral to the campaign as the bold struck-through headlines. A variety of people with differing “hobbies” or “identities” demonstrates the scope and impact of Acelis’ offerings. Supporting copy further explains Acelis’ mission to see people not as patients, but as people with unique lives that should be given the time they deserve.

Acelis Connected Health’s primary audience is physicians and healthcare organizations, so to properly describe their offering we had to explain their Digital Health Ecosystem. Collecting and organizing healthcare data into a digital-triage system identifying who needed care, and who was safely in-range. We achieved this through a series of custom illustrated vignettes detailing the multiple facets of the ecosystem, and how adopting this into one’s practice could save costs while improving health outcomes.

To introduce the new brand, and wrap the entire story together we developed a brand manifesto; explaining how when the people they care for are more actively engaged in their own care, they can be more engaged in their own lives.