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You can’t treat what you can’t see. For years Atrial Fibrillation (AFib) has mystified physicians. They’ve never been able to see how it’s irregular waves of electrical charge flow throughout the heart’s tissue. Acutus changed that with AcQMap, the first system that could map AFib in real-time.

Services Provided:
Brand, Digital, Video

Electrophysiologists are unique amongst the physician community, just as much mathematicians and scientists as they are Doctors, their commitment to continual learning and challenging tasks is second-to-none. We used this drive and determination to create a message around the 5 steps to bettering treatment outcomes for AFib patients: VISUALIZE the anatomy, MAP the conduction, IDENTIFY the locations to target, ABLATE the targets, remap to CONFIRM therapy effectiveness. This culminated in our central idea for the brand: Acutus has organized the chaos of complex arrhythmia into a clear vision for AFib.

To bring the strategy to life we created a slider on the website that could toggle between a pixelated view and a clear vision. We utilized the pixelated squares as a branded element in video, print advertising, on business cards and in tradeshow booths.