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Coping with the diagnosis and treatment plan for a chronic condition can be overwhelming. Your physician only has so much time to spend with you, traditional education materials are coldly clinical and can do more to cause worry than educate. Alere Home Monitoring is a service provided to patients taking Warfarin for anticoagulation, that manages every aspect of their regimen allowing them the freedom to regain their lives.

Services Provided:
Brand, Digital, Video

Patients have questions, and Alere Home Monitoring goes far beyond just providing answers, they offer a concierge-level service to their patients, providing the confidence and freedom to live their lives to the fullest. We placed this idea of the concierge at the core of our strategic direction, in order to take the worry out of Warfarin.

By posing the commonly asked questions of patients on a Warfarin regimen we’re able to clearly detail the many ways Alere Home Monitoring allows them to regain their lives. Bold colors and imagery highlighting a lifestyle not confined by doctors visits and in-clinic testing illustrates what’s possible by partnering with Alere.

Extending the concept of a concierge level service into the website, we built the experience to reflect a conversational tone and personalized experience for prospects and patients alike. The highest trafficked section of the site was a Vitamin K Finder. A tool that allowed users to learn how their daily dietary habits would affect their Warfarin regimen.

Literally cataloguing thousands of food types with multiple options depending on how each food is prepared. Blueberries: in heavy syrup, in light syrup, frozen, raw, wild –– all have varying impacts on ones Vitamin K levels. A visual card-based approach to the most commonly search food types was developed, allowing deeper investigation by categories like fruits, leafy greens and grains. 

With Facebook’s refocus on communities coupled with the fact that your Grandma is definitely on Facebook more than you may appreciate, the strategic targeting of our audience here was a no-brainer. We produced a series of short brand-driven videos that drove traffic straight into our marketing site.