Our Work

Chalice Farms

A market leader, Chalice Farms is a Portland-based farm, manufacturer and dispensary for legal cannabis products. Well known for their high quality and sustainable operations, Chalice had a simple vision: develop our brand so we look and feel every-part the leaders we are.

Services Provided:
Brand, Digital, Video

Chalice was developing new products in anticipation of the changing and now recreationally legal-landscape. We evolved the brand to allow flexibility across a diverse and growing range of products, SKUs and retail locations.

The insight that drove this was their audience: an upwardly-mobile outdoor enthusiast who live an active lifestyle and seeks to enhance their adventurous spirit.

Recreation worked closely with our partners at Chalice to develop the flavor and product strategy across their three current product lines (chocolate bars, truffles, and gummies), while allowing flexibility for growth. The packaging was designed to be as tactile, visual and experiential as the edibles it contained. By combining earthy tones, textures and surfaces embossed with gold lettering, we aligned with our unique target’s desire for a high quality product that embraced their love of outdoor adventure.