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Aspiration is an interesting term. It encapsulates both one’s hopes for the future and the natural process of taking breath. Spirox was able to deliver on both with their minimally-invasive treatment for nasal airway obstruction due to lateral wall collapse.

Services Provided:
Brand, Digital, Video

The feeling of pinching your nose while inhaling is terrifying, and exactly what every strained breath feels like for patients suffering from nasal wall collapse. Contrast this to the freedom they feel following Spirox’s procedure using Latera – some likened it to the feeling of being underwater, and finally surfacing. Taking your first breath after surfacing from the water is the perfect metaphor for the relief they felt.

As part of our concept we used the simple elegance of a surfer duck-diving under a wave and taking that first breath of air upon surfacing. With the help of award-winning surf videographer, Morgan Maassen we went to Hawaii’s North Shore to capture the shot. Breathe Freely became the campaign headline, because a life without obstruction is a life without limits.